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Time & Attendance Tracking Hardware

Physical hardware remains essential for many employers. That doesn’t mean that businesses should be satisfied relying on the same outdated equipment, however. Time and attendance technology is evolving quickly as regulatory requirements get more complex and employees come to expect more capabilities from their tech. In an era where managing costs means keeping track of every punch, investing in both hardware and software that measures up to the latest standards is essential. By investing in smart employee time tracking solutions, employers can improve efficiency, control labor costs, and increase employee satisfaction.

That’s why Ascentis makes it a priority to provide best-in-class time and attendance hardware that integrates easily with both our web-based technology and your internal systems. Our selection of physical employee time clocks, smart kiosks, mobile scanners, phone-in solutions, and time and attendance apps for iOS and Android provide flexible, state-of-the-art support for any organization.

NT8000 Smart Clock

Employee time-tracking has evolved rapidly in recent years. A surprising number of businesses still require employees to clock in and clock out using antiquated tools like paper time cards and manual punch clocks. Those solutions are increasingly being phased out as new and more complex regulations make it impossible to manage employee needs manually while staying compliant with state and federal regulations . State-of-the-art smart devices and time clock systems can track employee time more accurately and efficiently using automation and artificial intelligence.

The Ascentis NT8000 smart clock is an employee time clock designed to track and record vital workforce data with unmatched precision. The NT8000 combines cutting-edge hardware and time clock software to streamline your time and attendance processes with a user-friendly touchscreen interface, Wi-Fi connectivity, multi-language functionality, and customization options to support your unique needs with unparalleled security and accuracy.

Ascentis CarePoint

Ascentis CarePoint is a set of addon capabilities to the Ascentis Timekeeper NT8000 smart clock that allows organizations to improve workforce safety without disrupting your current workplace operations. It provides a completely touchless experience for employees who interact with timeclock with features like temperature checks of employees and other symptom attestationsvoice command capabilities, and Bluetooth beacon technology, all from the Ascentis NT8000 smart timeclock. Ascentis CarePoint gives you and your employees the confidence to ensure you are providing appropriate measures to deliver a safe and productive environment for your workforce.

Ascentis CarePoint

Easy to use

  • Employees can submit timesheets and time-off requests for approval
  • Managers can transfer employees easily from one job to another
  • Employees can report work injuries, missed meals, breaks taken, and more to supervisors
  • Businesses can ensure employee privacy using biometric consent settings

Self-service and accessibility

  • Employees can enroll, punch in/out using biometric fingerprints, secure badges, or key entry
  • Employees can use a unique ID number to key in
  • Time clock includes a battery back-up of up to two hours
  • Time clock is Wi-Fi ready with built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) support

User Experience

  • Navigate easily on a 10.1″ touchscreen with a virtual keyboard
  • Get easy mobile support via dongles for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon
  • Get visual acknowledgment when punches are accepted or rejected
  • Access time and attention functions remotely via a mobile app


  • Customize hardware colors, wallpapers, buttons and more to fit your company’s unique brand strategy
  • Ease communication for your workforce with multi-language options
  • Schedule automatic punch reminders via a mobile app
  • Prevent unauthorized overtime using scheduled lockouts
  • Get up-to-speed with easily understandable training videos

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

In an era of an increasingly mobile workforce, time and attendance solutions need to be equally adaptable. Even so, research shows that only 25% of American businesses regularly track employee hours using mobile apps.  Mobile apps that allow real-time reporting make it easier for managers to track employee attendance data and record worked hours accurately and dependably even from remote locations. Workers whose jobs frequently require them to be on the move can benefit from mobile solutions like Android or iOS apps that allow them to log hours, record tasks, and submit feedback from wherever they are.

Phone-in solutions

As useful as mobile time-tracking is, it isn’t always an option for every workforce. For workers in rural areas, secure facilities, or any place where mobile phone reception is limited, phone-in employee time tracking is an excellent solution. Our phone-in system allows remote and mobile workforces to clock in and out, perform job transfers, check work schedules, and more without using data by simply dialing a telephone number.

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Our time management tools are made with you and your unique needs in mind. The service we pair with those tools makes implementation smooth and cost-effective. Request a demo today to see how Ascentis will work for you.

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