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Healthcare Systems

Workforce Management for Healthcare Systems

Healthcare presents a broad range of unique challenges for both management and employees, and that extends to the human resources and operations departments. Managing the time and attendance needs of people working in assisted living, long-term care and senior living facilities and providing post-acute care or ambulatory emergency medical services requires a versatile, adaptable set of software solutions. 

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Overnight Staff Check-In 

States carry requirements for the Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) to ensure that care providers have adequate staffing. Focus has been given to awake staffing during the overnight shifts. Our Check-In module provides employers to monitor overnight staffing of their employees, integrated with the management of the employee’s time and Attendance records. Employees can utilize the same tools that they use for clocking in and out to Check-In on required frequencies in order to ensure awake staffing levels are met. Built in Alerts can notify / dispatch personnel when issues are determined. 


Healthcare is a singularly challenging industry when it comes to creating and maintaining schedules. Hours are often unconventional and demand is constant, with many facilities requiring around-the-clock staffing. Even trickier, schedulers need to be sure that employees with specific skills and certifications are available at all times 

  •  Rules-based scheduling

    Every healthcare facility has its own specific rules and requirements that are vital to maintaining a smooth operation.  Ascentis time and attendance software is easily configured to accommodate as many employees, codes and rules as your organization requires. A customizable dashboard and compatibility with a wide variety of third-party tools enables rules-based scheduling that keeps your shifts fully staffed. 

  • Flexibility and communication

    The healthcare field requires maximum flexibility when it comes to filling open schedules and exchanging shifts. Automating your time and attendance functions with Ascentis allows managers to quickly identify uncovered shifts and locate qualified workers to fill them.  

     An employee self-service option helps empower workers and ease the load on managers by allowing employees to submit time-off requests, pick up shifts and submit time sheets from anywhere using a mobile app, or via text, email or phone

  • Combating burn-out

    The burn-out and turnover rates for healthcare workers are among the highest for any industry. With an endless demand for services and a limited supply of skilled and certified workers, effective fatigue management is a constant challenge. Our time management software allows your HR team to set limits on hours and customize schedules to make sure that your workforce is not being pushed beyond their limits.  


Healthcare is a heavily regulated industry across the board, and that includes time and attendance functions. The reliability of automated time and attendance software can go a long way in helping keep your organization compliant with all relevant state, local and federal regulations, ensuring that you stay on top of laws regarding overtime, paid time off, sick leave, FMLA requirements and more. 

 Timekeeper will keep your organization compliant with all applicable union requirements, including mandated step pay rates for skilled workers, rotating shift schedules, attendance incentives and more. Our advanced union rules engine is designed to make compliance with all union rules easy and automatic.  

  • Payroll Based Journaling

    Long-term care facilities can have the assurance of complying with regulations enforced by the Affordable Care Act. Employee time can be accurately collected and categorized CMS Job Title. Complete with reporting and exports to specified XML format, Timekeeper closes the loop in this area of compliance. 

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