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Construction and Contract Services

Workforce Management for Construction and Contract Services

The construction and contracting industry represents a number of unique challenges for Operations. Managing the time and attendance needs of a diverse, multi-skilled workforce that works in multiple locations requires an equally versatile set of software solutions. 

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Complex wage rate management  

Construction is seldom a one-size-fits-all type of industry. Most projects require workers with a wide range of skills, certifications, and levels of experience, each with different wage expectations. Managing that variety of pay rates is not a job that can be done easily by hand. That’s why Ascentis offers complex wage rate tools that all you to assign employee pay rates based on job numbers, client IDs, and work orders, while also differentiating by projects, trades, cost centers, and time types. With automated wage management, you can reduce labor costs, increase employee satisfaction, and avoid costly errors. 

 Compliance with regulations and union rules 

Keeping track of the rules and regulations governing the construction industry can seem like a full-time job in itself. That includes state, local, and federal regulations regarding safety, overtime pay, paid sick leave, FMLA management, and more. Union rules also factor heavily into almost any construction company’s plans. Depending on your location and industry, that could involve step-pay rates, shift-based rates, wages based on skills and certifications, and more. 

 Ascentis offers an advanced union rules engine that is easily customizable to your organization’s specific requirements. Our automated tools help ensure compliance with all applicable union requirements as well as governmental regulations related to any construction project. No business wants to take a chance when it comes to fines, penalties, or labor disputes. Automating compliance functions simply makes sense.