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Ascentis CarePoint: Touchfree Time Clock That Takes Temperature

Empower Safe Workplaces and Launch Right Back into Maximum Productivity

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A safe workplace has a new definition in a post-COVID-19 world. Ascentis CarePoint is a new touchless time clock solution that helps employers get back up to speed while protecting the well-being of their employees. CarePoint offers groundbreaking, first-to-market technology that integrates easily with Ascentis time software to create a safer work environment as your business begins the journey to the new normal.

Thermal Temperature Checker | Voice Command | Beacon Technology | Request Info

Ascentis CarePoint provides add-on options to the NT8000 Smart Clock for a non-disruptive, touch-free way to protect the wellbeing of your organization. CarePoint includes a patent pending Thermal Checker added to your timeclock for the most accurate touch-free temperature reading that works seamlessly with a full range of voice-commanded timeclock actions. This first-to-market technology is backed by Ascentis’ industry leading time software.

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