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Best-In-Class Time & Attendance System

Rise to new heights of automating workforce management with best-in-class time and attendance software

Streamline Time

Ascentis Timekeeper is an automated time and workforce management technology that goes far beyond traditional time and attendance solutions. With Timekeeper, Ascentis has built a comprehensive solution designed with both the employee and employer in mind. Correctly tracking your employees’ time, schedules, and leave has a direct impact on many aspects of your business, from payroll processing to compliance to employee turnover.

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Ascentis Timekeeper

How it Works

Time and attendance is a broad field with a lot of moving pieces. We focus not only on what your business needs right now, but also what you’ll need as you look to the future. Here are some of the key features that make Timekeeper a best-in-class time and attendance solution.

Employee Scheduling

Ascentis scheduling solutions automate your management of key day-to-day factors like total daily hours, expenses, overtime, leave balances, and split shift intervals. Our real-time data and insights keep you up to date on changes and requests submitted by your employees. Our software also helps ensure compliance with regulations regarding FMLA, minimum wage enforcement, overtime, meals and rest periods, violations, and payroll-based journals (PBJ). By reducing errors and streamlining processes surrounding these crucial areas, your organization can save significant amounts of money, time, and hassle.

Advanced Scheduling

For organizations that have a schedule-based workforce, optimizing scheduling processes is a crucial element of workforce management. The Ascentis Advanced Scheduling Manager (ASM) module uses automation and insights to help you schedule your workforce for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

ASM streamlines your scheduling processes by auto-generating schedule recommendations based on your organization’s specific rules and requirements, providing mobile scheduling features, and generating automatic change notifications for employees and schedulers. ASM also makes it easier for employees to request flexible work times that fit the organization’s staffing needs, and helps you stay compliant with regulations by ensuring that staff is properly qualified and certified for their tasks.

Complex Calculations

No two businesses have exactly the same time and attendance needs. For organizations with complex or unorthodox pay structures, an automated time and attendance solution is all the more valuable. Automation allows organizations with complex pay rates based on factors like location, Unions, job classifications, different shifts, or travel requirements to sharply reduce the amount of time and money they spend to track employees’ time, while also reducing the risk of human error and compliance issues. Ascentis Timekeeper is designed to accommodate complex calculations, with easily customizable functions that give you complete control over defining formulas.

For instance, in a factory setting line workers may perform different tasks throughout the day, each with a different rate of pay. Timekeeper automatically correlates correct pay rates to the hours worked per each task. Furthermore, employees may work on a pay-for-performance (or piece rate) basis. The Timekeeper software allows you to automatically calculate the pay for each employee.

Technology Tailored to You

At Ascentis, we pride ourselves on offering customizable, highly configurable time and attendance software for organizations of all kinds. Our rules engine can be configured to fit your current ecosystem of solutions, allowing you to keep your current set of software applications while plugging in Ascentis Timekeeper to support your organization’s goals and your employees’ needs.

Our time and attendance system is adaptable even to industries with more complex requirements like specialized variable pay, piece rates, tips, and other unique formulas. We partner with LaborMetrix, a workforce management company that creates customized calculations specific to your company’s requirements. All LaborMetrix functionalities integrate seamlessly with Ascentis tools to create a smooth, automated experience perfectly suited to your business.

Time Collection

In the modern workforce, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all time collection solution. Remote work, teleconferencing, non-traditional hours, and many other factors mean that time and attendance solutions need to be as robust and adaptable as their users.

Ascentis offers cutting-edge time collection hardware that complements and integrates smoothly with our time and attendance software. That includes mobile apps, biometric time clocks and hand punches, smart clocks, smart kiosks, smartphone scanners, phone-in solutions and other high-tech hardware that coordinates perfectly with your organization’s needs and meets the expectations of today’s employees.

Add Powerful Hardware to Industry-Leading Software

Designed to meet the unique environments and processes of any business, Ascentis has hardware options that perfectly complement our software and put you in control. Think smart clock/kiosk, biometric hand punch, smartphone scanner, phone-in solutions and more.

Choose Your Hardware

Ascentis CarePoint

Ascentis CarePoint is set of add-on capabilities to Ascentis Timekeeper that allows organizations to improve workforce safety without disrupting your current workplace operations. It provides a completely touchless experience for employees who interact with a timeclock with features like temperature checks of employees and other symptom attestations, voice command capabilities, and Bluetooth beacon technology, all from the Ascentis NT8000 smart timeclock.

Ascentis CarePoint

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“Every single program is customized based on the hours they work, their schedule, the types of employees they hire, so we customize almost everything."


“With Ascentis, I don’t really have any worries about compliance … I’m confident that Ascentis has everything up to date that we need."

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Our tools are made with you and your unique needs in mind. The service we pair with those tools makes implementation smooth and cost-effective. Request a demo today to see how Ascentis will work for you.

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