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Time & Attendance

Ascentis: Rise to new heights of automating workforce management with best-in-class time and attendance software

Streamline Time

Our time tracking software makes timekeeping, scheduling and leave management easy for employees and managers. We’re talking easy tracking, real-time data and software configured to your needs.

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How It Works

Manage, Track and Schedule

Manage, simplify and automate leave management and FMLA. Track time like never before with fast and efficient collection, processing and reporting. And that cramped, clunky calendar? Gone. Easily create and edit schedules for any situation.

Take Action With Real-Time Data and Insights

See what you need to do, when you need to. Get real-time updates on employee scheduling and requests, track time for every job and take action on things like approvals, budgeting and compliance. And always stay up to speed with customized notifications and all-in-one reports.

Technology Tailored to You

From powerful web-based technology to our mobile app, Ascentis Time gives you more thoughtful speed than any other product. It's as simple as punching in and out using our app or taking the next step with facial and fingerprint recognition. And for your remote workforce, geofencing makes it easy for managing off-site projects.

NOVAtime Clock

Add Powerful Hardware to Industry-Leading Software

Designed to meet the unique environments and processes of any business, Ascentis has hardware options that perfectly complement our software and put you in control. Think smart clock/kiosk, biometric hand punch, smartphone scanner, phone-in solutions and more.

Choose Your Hardware

Hear It From Our Clients

Powerful Clock Technology

“Every single program is customized based on the hours they work, their schedule, the types of employees they hire, so we customize almost everything."


“With Ascentis, I don’t really have any worries about compliance … I’m confident that Ascentis has everything up to date that we need."

See Ascentis in Action

Our tools are made with you and your unique needs in mind. The service we pair with those tools makes implementation smooth and cost-effective. Request a demo today to see how Ascentis will work for you.

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