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Manufacturing and Production

Workforce Management for Manufacturing and Production

Staffing and scheduling in the manufacturing sector requires some delicate balances.  Ascentis offers best-in-class selection of automated time and attendance solutions designed to improve efficiency, keep workers safe and engaged, keep compliant, control labor costs, and mitigate risks for manufacturing employers. 

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Complex wage rate management 

A workplace offering a variety of wages presents a number of challenges for HR administrators. Managing rates that can differ by employee, project, certification, shift and trades worked is often too big a task to handle manually. Our complex wage rate tools make it easy to properly assign employee pay rates based on job numbers, worker orders, work centers, time types and other key factors. By automating your wage management, you ensure greater accuracy, prevent under- and overpayment and ease the burden on your HR and payroll staff. 

  • Production incentive pay

    Many manufacturing industry employers use piece-rate or performance-based pay as an extra incentive for worker productivity. Most conventional attendance and payroll products, however, lack the technology to effectively administer this type of pay for hourly workers. By automating the management of job-based and shift-based incentives, your organization can more easily merge attendance data with business results and create a workable production incentive program 


With multiple shifts and a variety of skill sets to account for, creating a workable schedule for a manufacturing business is no small challenge. By upgrading to automated, rules-based scheduling with a state-of-the-art time and attendance software solution, you can ensure you always have the right people on hand to get the job done and meet all of your quality standards.  

  • Updated software and hardware

    Outdated scheduling and time-tracking tools like spreadsheets, paper ledgers, manual punch clocks and paper time cards only make it that much more difficult to effectively maintain a schedule, manage absences and avoid delays. Eliminating those manual processes in favor of automated software solutions helps ensure that you’re optimizing labor coverage for every shift, every day, no matter the size of the project at hand.

  • Mobile and self-service options

    Mobile apps and employee self-service are two excellent options for easing the workload of managers and operations while also empowering workers. Ascentis’ employee self-service allows workers to pick up and exchange shifts, submit time-off requests and enter hours from wherever they are using their mobile phones or tablets, or via text, email or phone.

  • Data and insights

    Access to reliable, real-time data is enormously helpful to your scheduling efforts. The Ascentis time and attendance system includes data analytics and deep insights that help improve your labor forecasting, identify pain points and better predict upcoming labor needs. 

Compliance with regulations and union rules 

The manufacturing and production industry has a wide spectrum of rules and regulations to abide by. That includes state, local and federal regulations regarding overtime pay, paid sick leave, FMLA management, and more. In addition, many manufacturers also have to consider union rules regarding step-pay rates, overtime equalization, scheduled pay rate increases and more. 

 Ascentis helps keep you compliant with a versatile set of automated tools that ensure your policies and practices stay consistent. That includes a customizable union rules engine that can be adapted to match the specific requirements of your organization and industry. Automating functions that assist with compliance helps you improve employee satisfaction, avoid fines and penalties, and enhance your bottom line.