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Talent Management & Learning Management Software

Access and manage your employees’ performance and training data in one central location. 


Engaged employees are productive employees.

With our full suite of services, you can better track and manage employee engagement and progress. Our Ascentis talent management suite enhances your core HR and human capital management processes by building a deeper understanding of your employees’ needsstrengths and concerns. Now you can connect your employees’ performance to their learning and development—and apply that data to grow your business.  

See Ascentis in Action

Take a closer look at how you can better manage employee learning and growth.

Built with the features that matter most to you and your business

All your essential tools available via mobile

Workforce-driven organizations need to stay connected and productive in a variety of workplaces. That’s why our mobile app gives your workers the ability to perform the most essential talent management tasks on the go and from any work site. So your workforce can stay productive, engaged, and working efficiently—whenever and wherever they need.

Mitigate compliance issues and improve the accuracy of your information


Track employees across jobs or departments using their location and GPS coordinates


Manage expenses and enter transfers of hours between jobs, departments, and other groupings

Let’s put it to work for you.

Additional resources for optimizing your operations.

ROI calculator

When you invest in something, you need it to pay off. Try out our ROI calculator to see how Ascentis is really an investment in growing your entire business.

See how it works

It’s one thing to say what Ascentis can do for you. But we’d prefer to show you how we can help simplify and automate your entire HR process.

Here to help

Our team of compliance experts and hourly workforce industry specialists is here to answer any questions you have.


Hear from people in your shoes.


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