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Understanding Your Needs, Goals And Competitive Environment Is At The Core Of Our Implementation Methodology

At Ascentis, we understand the natural anxiety that can come with taking on a technology implementation project. It’s common to have anxiety around the added effort an implementation will take. Likely you have a full-time job already. Around successfully managing this change for your organization. Around timeline and go live commitments. Going live on time and on budget. Concerns on being understood and treated as unique. Working with a partner who takes time to really understand your business needs. Receiving guidance and advice. You don’t want to invent the wheel. You’re looking for to be lead down the path to success.

The Power of Project Management

A key part of how we alleviate anxiety and bring peace of mind throughout the implementation is through the Power of Project Management which wraps the entire implementation experience in a warm blanket with a dedicated partner there to drive the project for you. As you’ll see on our Surpath wheel, Project Management is the center of success.

  • You do not have to manage accountability and deliver on commitments. That’s our job! No need to fear that you will be left wondering where you are in the process, what comes next, if you’re on track and on time. That’s our job!
  • At Ascentis, our Project Managers have an average of 7 years of experience at Ascentis, and in the HCM Technology space. Having collectively led thousands of implementations to successful launch. This seasoned experience allows them to bring a higher level of credibility and confidence into their management of your project.

Understanding first, and then guiding

At Ascentis, we understand that even more important than teaching you about our software is first understanding you, your organization, your business needs, your goals, your culture, your challenges. We also understand that while you have much to teach us about your organization and needs, you are also looking for advice and guidance. Likely you are not looking to reinvent the wheel.

The Importance of a thoughtful ‘Discovery’ experience

  • As you’ll see from our Surepath wheel, we identify “Discovery” as the first step. Even before creating your project plan.  Through decades of experience we have learned the value of ‘slowing down to speed up’.  First we need to step through a thoughtful discovery experience with you to really understand your business needs.
  • We firmly believe, and our experience supports, that taking time to carefully map out your processes, business needs and expectations will ultimately result in a faster and more successful implementation.
  • We’ll need your full participation and your insight for this stage but we promise you, the effort invested in this stage will quickly be realized as we advance through the implementation.

Expert guidance and consultative advice

  • We understand that you likely are not an expert on software implementations. The good news is we are and we will bring that expertise to your project.
  • At Ascentis, our implementation team is comprised of many seasoned, tenured consultants with an average tenure of 9 years at Ascentis supporting successful implementations.
  • Our Consultants are well versed both with Ascentis technology as well as the HCM space in general.
  • We bring this experience and expertise to your implementation, sharing insights and providing advice and guidance on your best option for getting the most out of your Ascentis Experience.

Hear It From Our Clients

Deep, Flexible Customization

"I like that you can customize the solution to fit your needs. Not only can you include or exclude pieces of the core product, you can customize areas within the core product to cater to the needs of your organization."

Effective Implementation Methodology

"Our implementation of an automated biometric time-clock system was very methodical ... [they were] very patient with us and helpful in ensuring a very successful roll-out. Their project management process, implementation team, hardware installation, training, and phone technical support all were very effective in resolving our problems and meeting our needs."

See Ascentis in Action

Our tools are made with you and your unique needs in mind. The service we pair with those tools makes implementation smooth and cost-effective. Request a demo today to see how Ascentis will work for you.

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