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Account Team

We are dedicated to delivering an unsurpassed experience and aspire to keep clients for life.

Meet the Ascentis Account Team

Clients come to Ascentis looking for technology that addresses the ever-changing needs of their team, employees and organization. Knowing technology expenses and improvements don’t happen every day or year, the ability for technology to scale and the value it provides is critical for elevating your team.

However, like any other technology investment, it is only as good as the people and knowledge supporting it, the goals defined to determine success, and the ability of the technology to deliver. This is where our account teams thrive!

An Extension of Your Team 

In HR, the only ask more difficult than new technology budget is additional headcount. Based on this experience, we have dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSMs) that care about your goals as much as you do, are armed with understanding the use of this technology, and who will help you prioritize your progress with the technology to meet the changing needs of your team.

Your goals are our goals:  

Your Ascentis experience doesn’t end at the point of purchase. Our sales teams work diligently with you to identify the goals that matter most to your organization. These goals build the foundation of the client experience so that your account team can focus on making sure the technology is providing the return and value you expect. Since we challenge ourselves to have clients for life, your goals are just as important during implementation as they are when you have been a client of ours for years. 

We’re dedicated to building an active, ongoing relationship with every one of our clients. Here are just a few of the reasons Ascentis clients regularly cite us for exceptional customer service. 

  • Accessible check-ins: We review our service processes to continually align them with your organization’s goals and offer guidance to ensure you’re optimizing the value of your technology. Our team of experts thrives on collaboration to set actionable priorities, quarterly and beyond 
  • Recommendations and insights: We’re proactive in our assessments of risks and overall client health to ensure our technology advances at a pace to meet your organization’s needs. Your ability to enable your team with technology is our top priority. 

The five key stages of an Ascentis client journey

Hear from Our Clients

Business Recommendations

"One of the products that has really stepped above and beyond what I’ve had before is the recruiting module… It drives applicant flow better than any other product I have used before."

Business Recommendations

"I can almost guarantee you there is a solution in Ascentis to either automate that task or make it ten times faster than what you’re currently doing."

Why Our Account Team Loves Our Clients

"I love working with our clients because we become a team and solve problems together. Ascentis has a lot of different solutions to cover anything that an HR or Finance team needs to succeed and I can help to introduce and implement those solutions into their everyday practices!"
Emily Roth headshot
Emily Roth

Senior Customer Success Manager

"I help our clients do the jobs they want to do, to streamline and automate processes so their teams are not bogged down with data entry. Ascentis ensures we align our goals with our clients goals and help drive towards success!"
Jake Bauer headshot
Jefferson Bauer

Senior Customer Success Manager

"I love having the opportunity to partner closely with my clients to understand their strategic business goals. We work together to determine how Ascentis can help them achieve those goals faster and more efficiently. I am a resource my clients can count on."
Max Kiener headshot
Max Kiener

Customer Success Manager

"It's rewarding to build relationships with our clients. I love working with clients strategically to solve their business issues and optimize their HR technology use."
Brad Schoenrock - Customer Success Manager
Brad Schoenrock

Customer Success Manager

See Ascentis in Action

Our tools are made with you and your unique needs in mind. The service we pair with those tools make implementation smooth and cost-effective. Request a demo today to see how Ascentis will work for you.

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