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Ascentis Service & Support Your designated team is ready for you. For the long term.


Any technology provider can say they have great customer service, but do they truly understand what their customers do? Do they know what problems they face day-in and day-out? More importantly, do they know how to provide solutions quickly—so you spend less time waiting for results, and more time on important business matters?

We are experts in managing union laws and can navigate them inside and out. Tax codes? We can recite them in our sleep. So when we promise unrivaled support and service for your complex workforce, we mean it. And now it’s time for you to see what that can mean for your organization.

In Good Company

We’re proud to be recognized for our service and support. But we’re even prouder of the customer successes we help every day.

See Ascentis in action.

Watch how demanding work environments like yours are taking control of their HR need.

Let's put it to work for you.

ROI calculator

When you invest in something, you need it to pay off. Try out our ROI calculator to see how Ascentis is really an investment in growing your entire business.

Seeing is believing

It’s one thing to say what Ascentis can do for you. But we’d prefer to show you how we can help simplify and automate your entire HR process.

Here to help

Our team of compliance experts and hourly workforce industry specialists is here to answer any questions you have.

From companies like yours…

“There is constant support. The online videos, training and tutorials, all just a phone call away.”

-Attributed to HR manager in manufacturing