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Workforce scheduling

Workforce scheduling

Managing schedules is often a deceptively difficult element of workforce management. Most hourly workers no longer clock in for a traditional 9-to-5 shift schedule. Today the average employee works on a more flexible, adaptable working schedule than in years past. Increases in remote work, contingent and contract labor, and concerns over workplace safety have required many human capital management (HCM) teams to reassess the scheduling process.

Industries with a wide range of employee schedules, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and construction, often require workforce scheduling software to effectively institute and apply complicated scheduling rules. Automated workforce scheduling solutions are not only useful for optimizing schedules and managing complex employee shifts. Software that includes employee self-service options can enhance management-employee communication, allow workers to make real-time changes to their schedules, request shift swaps, and more. On the management side, a software solution makes it easier to track work hours and scheduling needs that can aid in accurate labor forecasting.

Ascentis’ powerful worfkorce management software can help you with all of your employee scheduling needs.

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