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Workforce Management Clock

Workforce management clocks allow your employees to clock in and out from virtually anywhere. Your company’s approach to workforce management should include both software and hardware solutions. An online time tracking system that integrates with a smart time clock allows you to build schedules based on specific skills, certifications, and rates of pay. 

This kind of intelligent scheduling allows employers to avoid unplanned overtime, control labor costs, and stay compliant with labor laws and union rules. Streamlining your workforce management time clock not only eases the workload for your human resources and payroll teams but also improves employee morale and engagement, making it easier for you to attract top talent.

How Do Workforce Management Clocks Work?

Workforce management clocks provide cutting-edge, real-time data to ensure your employees are working when they need to be. Ascentis has built several time and attendance hardware solutions to suit a variety of industries:
  • NT800: The Ascentis NT8000 time clock is a precision employee time clock that tracks and records essential workforce and biometric data. The NT8000 streamlines your time and attendance operations by combining cutting-edge technology with time clock software. It has a user-friendly touchscreen interface, facial recognition capabilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, multi-language capability, and customization options to meet your specific requirements with unrivaled security and precision. 
  • Flex Clock: Your team knows that fieldwork, like construction and surveying, can get pretty rugged. When your employees are on the job and on their feet, it's critical that they have the tools they need to be efficient, no matter where the task takes them. The Ascentis Flex Clock is a transportable hardware solution that allows employees to punch in from anywhere. Unlike other app-based clocks, the Ascentis Flex Clock comes with a ruggedized tablet and full Ascentis support, giving the employer comprehensive control and security. 
  • CarePoint: Healthcare workers need customized solutions that help facilitate their workday. With Ascentis CarePoint, you can get the most out of your Ascentis Timekeeper NT8000 time clock. This device is a clever way to increase worker safety without disturbing your existing operations. With features like temperature monitoring and other symptom checks, as well as voice command capabilities, Ascentis CarePoint provides a completely touchless experience for staff. Now you and your employees can be certain that you're providing the safest, most productive working environment possible. 
  • NT55MII: The NT55MII is a touch-centric smartphone with a 2D scanner that is lightweight and portable, making it a perfect hardware solution for a mobile workforce. The NT55MII is easy to use and easy to carry, with a big color touchscreen and a pocket-sized design. The NT55MII records task tracking data correctly and effectively, thanks to a flexible 2D scanner that can read newer QR codes. Furthermore, its Wi-Fi and LTE cellular capabilities ensure that data is transmitted reliably and in real-time in the field.
We know that your time tracking needs can vary significantly depending on the industry you work in. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of cutting-edge workforce management clocks, to ensure that no matter what challenges your team faces, you have the tech you need to track time and stay compliant. This is one of the many benefits of using a scheduling system, especially when paired with human resources software

What Are the Benefits of a Workforce Management Clock

Using a dedicated workforce management clock has several benefits over other popular options, like a traditional punch clock. Here are some of the most significant benefits that our users report when they make the switch to a workforce management smart clock. 
  • Remain compliant: You can ensure employees are working the right amount of hours, taking scheduled breaks, getting paid for overtime, and more, all without micromanaging them directly. In any industry, remaining compliant is essential, and non-compliance can result in hefty legal fees. HRIS software that integrates with your workforce management clock ensures you’re compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Accessibility: WM clocks are cloud-based, so even remote workers can clock in and out, making less work for HR so they can focus on other tasks.
  • Employee leave management: WM clocks make it easy for employees to track leave time, request leave time, log sick days, and more.
  • Schedule updates: WM time clocks make it easy to make schedule updates to ensure the right staff are working in necessary positions. This is essential in industries like healthcare and manufacturing, where having the right personnel are in the right seats to ensure a project gets done.
  • Accountability: WM time clocks ensure all employees are clocking in and out properly, and help reduce instances of buddy punching. Plus, they give employees more freedom by knowing their schedules ahead of time, which boosts morale.
Mobile time-tracking, as valuable as it is, isn't always a possibility for every workforce. Phone-in employee time monitoring is a fantastic option for workers in rural locations, secure facilities, or any other location where mobile phone service is restricted. By calling a phone number, remote and mobile workforces may clock in and out, make job transfers, check work schedules, and more without using data.

Looking for more solutions? Check out our dedicated hardware and software for workforce management for contract services

Why Use Workforce Management Clocks

Because technology is continuously improving and legal standards are always changing, you'll need gear to support your staff no matter where or when they work. When controlling expenses and being compliant necessitates perfect precision, it's critical to invest in cutting-edge technology and software.

Ascentis provides the smart time tracking technology, such as manufacturing software and HRIS systems, you need to boost productivity, save labor expenses, and boost employee engagement. For seamless integration, rely on hardware that is driven by the entire Ascentis Time system. Physical employee time clocks, smart kiosks, mobile scanners, rugged tablets, phone-in solutions, and time and attendance applications for iOS and Android provide flexible, cutting-edge solutions to your time tracking problems.

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