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Time and attendance system

There’s much more to time and attendance tracking than simply keeping a record of when employees clock in and out. Tracking your employees’ time, schedules, and leave impacts a broad cross-section of your business, from payroll processing to compliance to employee turnover. Most businesses will benefit from investing in an automated time and attendance solution to keep both management and employees working at maximum efficiency.

Some of the areas where time and attendance software can improve a business’ day-to-day functions include:

Time tracking

Solutions like manual punch clocks, paper time cards, and outdated electronic time systems are still common in many industries. Modern time and attendance solutions like electronic swipe cards, facial recognition scans, and biometric time clocks streamline time tracking and eliminate time theft practices like buddy punching (when one employee punches in or out on behalf of another).

Easy integration

Time and attendance functions touch so many aspects of a business, it only makes sense to make sure everything works well together. Automated time and attendance software can be integrated with other important areas, such as human resources and payroll software systems, to ensure seamless functionality between departments.

Mobile flexibility

A time and attendance solution that includes a mobile app can open up whole new levels of flexibility for employee self-service. Remote employees can clock in and out, make time-off requests, adjust schedules, submit expenses, and much more using their mobile devices. Employers can communicate with employees in the field via text message while spending much less time tracking down missing information.

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