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Time and attendance clock

Employee attendance and time tracking solutions have undergone major changes in recent years. Physical punch clocks, basic spreadsheet programs, and paper time sheets have all fallen out of favor as automated time and attendance systems have become the norm for enterprise companies and small businesses alike. Every business has its own unique time and attendance tracking needs, which makes it important for business owners to seek out customizable solutions that can easily adapt to the specific requirements of their organization and industry. Let's take a look at some key features that your business might look for in a time and attendance system.

Cloud-based time and attendance

Workplaces used to devote a whole lot of space to big, clunky, metal filing cabinets full of folders and paper documents. Those cabinets have become mostly a thing of the past as more and more business functions move online, and that includes employee time tracking efforts. Digital time clock software that feeds into a cloud-based time and attendance system has revolutionized the way organizations manage employee time, as well as their physical workspaces.

A cloud-based time system makes timekeeping easier for both management and employees. An online time clock allows more efficient payroll processing, more accurate reporting, lower risk of costly human errors, and easier methods for tracking time across a complex workforce. For employers in labor-driven industries with a large percentage of hourly employees, moving time and attendance operations to the cloud can save significant amounts of time and money. A system that allows you to track employee time consistently, accurately, and instantly while also automatically saving all of your vital time keeping information to a secure, online location can provide much-needed peace of mind for employers across a wide range of industries.

Mobile time tracking apps

Today's workforce is more mobile than ever, and that demands time tracking tools that can cover just as much ground as workers do. Mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS tablets and smartphones have become hugely popular with employers across a wide range of industries. More mobility means that employees can clock in and out from any location via time management solutions that go wherever they do.

Mobile employee time clock apps are especially useful in labor-driven industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and trucking and transport, where workers are often on the road or moving between several locations. These tools allow employees to log their own hours worked, submit time off requests, track their hours for specific pay periods, and more using a handy mobile app. That can be an excellent way for a company to improve management-employee relationships, reduce the workload for their HR staff, improve the accuracy of their recordkeeping and reporting, and make employees feel more empowered and engaged with their roles.

Payroll system integration

Your time and attendance system is intimately tied with your payroll system, so it only makes sense that the two should communicate with each other as smoothly as possible. Strangely enough, that is not always the default situation for employers. In many cases, a business that has purchased separate systems to track employee time and administer payroll may not have taken the compatibility of those systems into account. In other cases, technologies that once integrated smoothly may have fallen out of sync with each other due to updates or changes in business needs.

Making sure that your employee time tracking system integrates easily and communicates closely with your payroll system is essential for getting your employees paid accurately and on time. Relying on manual time tracking solutions or outdated time and attendance systems opens the door for human error that can lead to overpayments, underpayments, incorrect time records, and compliance violations. All of those situations can eat up a lot of time and money as employers try to set them straight. It is always wiser to avoid those financial pitfalls in the first place by investing in a time and attendance system that can integrate fully with your organization's payroll solutions.

Fraud prevention

Automated time clock systems can be an important tool in combatting buddy punching, doctored time sheets, and other common time theft practices. An online time clock makes sure that all time entries are matched to the employee who is actually working the hours, making it much more difficult for an unethical employee or manager to clock in on behalf of someone else.

There has been a strong push recently toward time and attendance technology that ties employee hours to unique physical traits such as fingerprints or facial features. These types of biometric time clocks can be a great help in reducing fraud by ensuring that the person clocking in is who they claim to be. Beyond that, an online time clock with facial recognition capability can also help improve the accuracy of your payroll records and regulatory compliance. Biometric time clocks represent a huge upgrade over outdated time tracking methods such as paper time sheets, manual spreadsheets, and time clocks that require employees to physically punch in and out.

From an employer’s perspective, these automated solutions mean increased efficiency, safety, and savings. Time and attendance clocks can integrate with scheduling software and automated payroll systems to contain labor costs, eliminate common time theft practices like buddy punching, and maintain safety with tools like voice commands, temperature scans, and face recognition. Workforce management tools can now track time and attendance, coordinate payroll, and save vital timekeeping records to safe, secure online cloud storage banks in a fraction of the time and with far greater accuracy than they could not so long ago. For organizations still relying on old-fashioned methods, the time is right to make a time and attendance clock upgrade.

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