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Online Time Card System

Like most business processes in the modern era, employee time tracking functions are moving to the web. As businesses grow and evolve, they need time and attendance management software that can keep pace with their changing industries. That kind of adaptability is especially important in labor-driven fields like manufacturing, healthcare, and construction, where high rates of employee turnover, around the clock scheduling needs, and a large number of regulatory requirements make timekeeping efforts all the more complex. Fortunately, advancements in time and attendance technology now make it easier and smoother than ever for mid-size and small businesses to manage their employee time tracking systems just as efficiently as larger organizations do. An online time clock system that integrates easily with an existing payroll system can change the way organizations manage employee schedules, track employee attendance, organize and run payroll reports, and much more.

More accurate timekeeping

Not so long ago, most time and attendance solutions were handled via old fashioned methods such as paper time sheets, manual entry spreadsheets, and hand-operated employee time clocks. Not only did those solutions take up an inordinate amount of time and resources, they were also much more prone to human error. Timekeeping mistakes can be especially costly, as they can lead to overpayments and underpayments and also take a great deal of time and energy to correct. Upgrading to an online time clock system automates most of the processes that would have previously been handled manually. A cloud-based, fully digital time and attendance system can ensure that your employees' work hours are recorded in an accurate, timely, and easily reportable fashion. Eliminating timekeeping errors helps maintain your organization's reputation, improves management-employee relationships, and keeps morale at a high level.

Better access with mobile time clocks

For blue collar workforces in industries such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, trucking, and logistics that are frequently on the road, in the field, or moving between multiple locations, mobile apps are the timekeeping tool of the future. Workers and managers in those industries do not have time to spend punching into a physical time clock in a set location before going out to start their work day. A mobile time clock app for iOS or Android that workers can access from smartphones or tablets can not only cut down on time spent clocking in and clocking out every day. Using mobile apps for timekeeping also allows more accurate tracking and reporting of employee hours, reduced cases of buddy-punching and other common time fraud practices, and more employee control over their own time management.

More efficient employee scheduling

Moving to an online time clock system can also have a profound impact on the way a business manages employee schedules. Automated online tools can check workers schedules against workforce requirements, making it easier to avoid underscheduling or overscheduling while also ensuring that all shifts are staffed by properly trained and certified workers. Using a mobile time clock app can also improve scheduling efforts by empowering your workforce. An online time and scheduling system allows employees to view and adjust schedules, submit requests for paid time off, swap shifts with co-workers, and other key scheduling functions from any location.

Simplified payroll process

Processing payroll is both one of the most delicate and the most important aspects of workforce management.  Relying on manual effort from your HR and payroll staff to calculate and convert all employee hours is a time-consuming process that creates a lot of opportunity for costly errors. An online time clock that integrates easily with your existing payroll systems can have tremendous benefits for any employer looking to upgrade from their old or outdated time and attendance solutions. Online time clock software maintains much higher standards of accuracy and moves much faster than manual entry. An automated payroll system with time clock integration also generates automatic documentation of all of your workforce's hourly wages and salaries. That can provide invaluable data analytics that help your HR team identify inefficiencies and make important decisions about updating your payroll processes.

Improved health and safety measures

Workforce health and safety has never been at a higher premium, and an automated time and attendance system can be a useful tool in keeping your employees at full health. Mobile apps can be a huge help in eliminating high traffic areas that come with a communal punch clock, limiting the potential for spreading disease in the workplace. Smart time and attendance hardware like biometric scanners and contact-free time clocks help management maintain a safer and more health-conscious workplace. These online tools connect automatically to your scheduling, payroll, and human resources systems, helping to identify potential safety risks well before they become a bigger issue.

Easier regulatory compliance

Effective time and attendance management is tied directly to a wide range of regulatory compliance issues, including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and Affordable Care Act (ACA). All of these regulations, as well as many state and local labor laws, require accurate recording and reporting of time and attendance data. An online time clock system produces a wealth of real-time data that can be used to generate timely reports to all concerned agencies and authorities. To sum things up, unlike outdated punch card systems or manual time sheets, with online time clocks your employees can clock in and clock out from any location. That’s a tremendous help in an era of increased remote work and social distancing. Online time clock software also allows workers to check their scheduled working hours, submit paid time off requests, and provide real-time feedback to management using a mobile app. Up-to-date time and attendance software also eases the workload for your HR team, helping to more easily manage employee hours, reduce time theft, and create accurate reports. Simply put, online time tracking software is a necessary investment for any size business.

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