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Employee absence tracker

Every organization needs to establish a template to track employee attendance records. Vacations, sick leave, and other absences are an unavoidable part of doing business and a major contributor to employee engagement and satisfaction. Unfortunately, there is also a considerable amount of time fraud and other bad behavior that revolves around worker absences. That makes it all the more important that your organization's workforce management system includes an accurate and reliable tool for tracking employee absences and identifying violations before they get out of hand. In the past employee absences were generally tracked via paper time sheets, basic Excel templates, or other manual-input time tracker templates. In recent years, though, automated employee attendance tracking software solutions have simplified and streamlined those processes considerably.

What does an employee absence tracker do?

A high quality employee attendance tracker should give your human resources and payroll teams deep insights into the basic workings of your workforce's attendance records. That includes details such as:
  • Which workers are on duty for each shift
  • How many hours each employee works each day
  • What tasks or projects each employe is working on
  • Where each employee is physically located (this is especially useful for employers with multiple locations, or in industries that require field work or off-site travel)
  • Records of all time off requests, including the duration of and reason for the request
  • Customizable reports of all employee attendance data
By upgrading those functions to an automated workforce management system, your business can not only save time and money that would otherwise be spent managing cumbersome paper records, you can also streamline multiple aspects of your time and attendance system.

What are the benefits of automating employee attendance tracking?

Ensuring all shifts are covered

Keeping software-based attendance records not only makes tracking employee attendance easier for employers, but also allows your human resources team to add employee details, receive real-time data on time and attendance, and more easily manage work shifts. In industries with complicated shift management requirements such as healthcare, manufacturing, and trucking and transport, giving your HR managers more hands-on control over scheduling is an excellent way to make sure that all shifts are covered, even when workers are on vacation or taking time off.

Simplified leave management

Time tracking software with an automated dashboard makes it easy to instantly reference information such as the dates employees started with a company and how much leave they have accumulated since. Those kinds of records help to make sure that all workers are receiving their properly allotted leave time and also help guard against fraudulent leave claims.

Checking for training and certifications

In many industries, it is not enough just to make sure that every shift is covered -- many roles need to be filled by workers with a specific level of training or a set of certifications. For example, a construction job may require a worker trained to safely operate a specific piece of machinery. If a fully trained worker is sick, on vacation, or otherwise absent, a workforce management system with an automated attendance tracker can make sure that the shift is filled by someone equally qualified.

Improving compliance

There are a number of laws and regulations surrounding time and attendance, especially in blue collar industries that rely heavily on hourly employees. An automated workforce management solution helps to ensure that your organization stays compliant with federal laws such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Absence tracking software can also help avoid noncompliance with state and local labor laws and any union requirements surrounding vacations, sick leave, or other forms of paid time off.

Reducing fraud

Unauthorized leave, excessive absences, and full-on time fraud cost American employers millions of dollars every year. By more closely monitoring employee absences across your organization with the help of automated time and attendance software, your HR team can more easily spot discrepancies in time sheets, unexcused absences, and evidence of common types of fraud such as buddy punching and altered time sheets.

Empowering employees

Managing employee absences with automated workforce management tools like mobile apps is not only an excellent way to improve accuracy and ease your human resources team's workload. It can also boost employee engagement and empowerment by allowing workers to manage their own schedules, swap shifts with other workers, view their schedules for the next week, month, or year, and submit requests for sick leave, vacation, personal days and other forms of time off. By putting more time and leave management tools in your employees' hands, your business can encourage a more active and accurate absence tracking process.

Easier data analysis

Before a business can effectively address an issue, management needs to fully understand it. In many cases, patterns of excessive absences or unauthorized time off will not be obvious without careful analysis of your organization's complex time and attendance data. Automated time tracking software makes it easier to analyze and understand the causes of absenteeism by sorting through data and generating reports. Automated feedback on employee attendance records helps your HR team quickly identify problem areas and gives them the insights they need to prevent those issues from developing further. To put it bluntly, the days of punching a manual time clock and managing your workforce's time and attendance records by hand are long gone. Automated time tracking tools not only simplify your day-to-day workforce management processes, they also generate data that can inform all manner of important workplace decisions. By providing workers with employee self-service options such as a mobile app, your HR team can greatly improve the accuracy and timeliness of your timekeeping efforts. Analyzing data about weekly, monthly, or yearly attendance patterns can help pinpoint areas in need of improvement and aid in future decisions about hiring, recruiting, learning management, and much more. Understanding time and attendance patterns is a key to understanding the way your employees really work, and to giving them the tools they need to work more efficiently and effectively.

Ascentis' powerful time and attendance software can help you with all of your employee absence tracking needs.

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