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Cloud-Based Time Clock

As employee time tracking moves more and more online, cloud-based time and attendance software becomes all the more essential to an efficient payroll process. Using a mobile app, employees can manage time and make requests in real time. A cloud-based time clock system allows your employees to clock in and out, submit time sheets and other time data, request paid time off, and more, even while working remotely.

On the administrative side, a cloud-based time system helps to manage your employees’ hours quickly and efficiently, eliminating the chance for human error and time theft when an employee punches a manual time card. While there is some misconception that cloud-based time and attendance software is only necessary for large corporations, these solutions are also tremendously helpful for small businesses and mid-size businesses looking to manage remote workforces and track employees’ attendance more effectively. Many vendors even offer a free trial of their time and attendance solutions to help make the decision easier.

Ascentis' powerful time and attendance software as well as cloud based time clocks can help you with all of your workforce management needs. Ascentis has introduced first-to-market touch-free, temperature time clocks to support a safe and productive work environment.

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