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Clock In and Clock Out Software

We've all seen the old-time newsreel footage of hundreds of workers punching a time clock as they file into a factory job. While that may still be what some people picture when they think of a blue collar time clock system, that has not been an accurate depiction for a long time. Traditional solutions for tracking employee attendance and work hours, such as a simple time clock with manual punch functions, have fallen out of favor as the ways your employees can clock in and clock out have multiplied in recent years. Both large and small businesses have begun to implement higher tech time-tracking software and mobile apps.

Time and attendance software that tracks employee time using cloud-based technology creates a safer, more efficient work environment for both workers and managers. With online time clock software, your HR team can simplify the payroll reporting process, cut down on fraud with tools like biometrics and geo fencing, track and record your employees’ hours, and maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

What features make great employee time clocks?

While there are almost as many viable time and attendance strategies as there are employers, there are also a few common factors that are shared by effective time clock tools. Getting employees to clock in and out on a consistent basis can be a bigger challenge than many people would presume, but investing in the right tools, software and hardware can go a long way toward easing your workforce management efforts.

Easy integration with payroll

For businesses operating in multiple locations or across a variety of departments or divisions, maintaining consistent and accurate payroll functions can be a real challenge. Sending time sheets back and forth across departments every time you run payroll takes up a great deal of time and opens the door for costly errors that can take even longer to get corrected. A time clock system that automatically integrates with your organization's payroll software can be a vital tool in reducing errors, speeding up payroll processing, and coordinating payment across your entire business.

Real-time data analytics

Data is the driving force behind nearly all modern businesses. Keeping careful track of when your workers are clocking in and out, how often they are requesting time off, which shifts and schedules are most productive, and other key time and attendance information is crucial to making important decisions about the processes and policies that define your organization. Automated time clock software generates real-time data about your employees' habits and behaviors on a day-to-day basis. That can be a valuable tool for everything from developing schedules to forecasting labor costs to making hiring and recruitment decisions.

Accessibility via mobile apps

Workers employed in workforce-driven industries seldom stay in one place for too long. These are jobs where employees spend most of their workdays on their feet, behind a steering wheel, or otherwise moving from place to place. Mobile jobs demand an equally mobile time clock solution. That is why so many blue collar employers are adopting mobile apps for iOS and Android that allow employees to clock in and out from any location using a mobile phone or tablet. Not only is a mobile time tracking system more convenient for employees, it also allows for more timely and accurate recordkeeping and reporting.

Reduced time fraud

One of the biggest drawbacks of paper time sheets and manual punch clocks is how susceptible those solutions are to payroll fraud. Time sheets can be altered, break times can be overextended, and unethical maneuvers like buddy punching are easier to pull off without being detected.  Upgrading to automated time tracking software can greatly reduce those and other risks associated with old fashioned time and attendance methods. A software-based time system includes built-in checks and safeguards against fraudulent behavior, and also creates an easy to follow record of any time fraud that does occur. Time tracking software with a mobile app function also allows employers to easily track employees' movements within the workplace, further helping to reduce unethical behavior.

Simplified employee scheduling

Employers in labor-driven industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, construction, transport, and agriculture seldom have the luxury of scheduling workers on a predictable nine to five, 40 hours per week basis. Those kinds of blue collar fields are more likely to require round-the-clock shift scheduling including nontraditional hours. Those jobs also often require employees with specific training and certification to be on hand for every shift. Smart time clocks that integrate smoothly with your scheduling system can help to ensure that every shift is fully staffed by qualified employees with the right experience for the job.

Improved safety in the workplace

Your time clock system might not seem like the most obvious safety area in your workplace. With renewed concerns about the spread of disease within places of employment, however, making health plans related to clocking in and out is a prudent course of action. Biometric enabled, touch free time clock hardware reduces the risk of communicable diseases being shared around a physical clock-in station. Mobile apps that allow employees to clock in and out from remote locations are also hugely effective in keeping a workforce safe, healthy, and productive.

For employees, time clock apps not only offer the option to clock in and clock out from anywhere, they also allow quick and easy schedule changes, real-time communication, easy requests for time off, and much more. To put it simply, automated time and attendance functions make a safer, smoother work experience for everyone involved. With all of the advancements that have been made in workforce management and time and attendance technology in recent years, employers no longer have an excuse for lagging behind in their efforts to track employee time safely and efficiently.

Ascentis' powerful time and attendance software can help you with all of your employee timekeeping needs.

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