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Clock In and Clock Out Software

Clock In and Clock Out Software

The ways your employees can clock in and clock out have multiplied in recent years. Traditional solutions for tracking employee attendance and work hours, such as a simple time clock with manual punch functions, have fallen out of favor as both large and small businesses implement higher tech time-tracking software and mobile apps.

Time and attendance software that tracks employee time using cloud-based technology creates a safer, more efficient work environment for both workers and managers. With online time clock software, your HR team can simplify the payroll reporting process, cut down on fraud with tools like biometrics and geo fencing, track and record your employees’ hours, and maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

For employees, time clock apps not only offer the option to clock in and clock out from anywhere, they also allow quick and easy schedule changes, real-time communication, easy requests for time off, and much more. To put it simply, automated time and attendance functions make a safer, smoother work experience for everyone involved.

Ascentis’ powerful time and attendance software can help you with all of your time tracking needs.

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