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Buddy Punching

Eliminating buddy punching — the act of allowing another employee to clock in or out on your behalf — is a perennial goal for large and small businesses alike. There is a common misconception among some employees that punching a time card 15 minutes later or earlier is “no big deal.” In actuality, employees using buddy punching are committing a form of time theft that costs employers more than $373 million annually.

Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways for a business owner to prevent buddy punching. Biometric time clocks with GPS tracking can eliminate most cases of employees clocking in for one another. A biometric system logs employees using unique identifiers such as fingerprint, voice, or facial recognition, making it much more difficult for anyone to falsify their time worked. Time tracking systems with GPS capability let an employer limit clocking in and out to employees who are physically on the business premises. Creating and tracking employee schedules using a cloud-based time and attendance system with a mobile app can also reduce time theft by giving management full transparency into workers’ time tracking.

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