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Biometric workforce management

The days of paper- and spreadsheet-based workforce management systems are quickly fading into memory. As biometric workforce management technology becomes more and more accessible, business owners are increasingly embracing biometric solutions for their time and attendance tracking systems. A few key advantages of integrating biometrics technologies into your workforce management solutions include:

  • Increased employee productivity - Time and attendance management software with integrated biometrics tech can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on basic time tracking functions, creating a more productive environment for everyone.
  • Better security - Accurate biometric data is an important element of identity management and role-based access control systems that help ensure that only qualified employees have access to sensitive information and restricted areas.
  • Reduced fraud - Biometric employee time tracking significantly reduces the opportunity for common time theft practices like buddy punching or over-reporting hours worked.
  • Better workplace safety - Touchless solutions like voice-activated access control and facial recognition software help to reduce the spread of illness in the workplace.

Ascentis' powerful time and attendance hardware can help you with all of your workforce management needs.

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