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Time and attendance clock

Time and attendance clock

Employee attendance and time tracking solutions have undergone major changes in recent years. Even for jobs involving mostly manual process and physical labor, automated time and attendance systems have become the norm for enterprise companies and small business owners alike. Cloud-based employee time clock apps that allow employees to clock in from wherever they are have rapidly replaced antiquated time cards and paper time sheets.  Easy-to-use time and attendance software helps employees feel more empowered, allowing them to log their own hours worked, submit time off requests, track their hours for specific pay periods, and more using a handy mobile app.

From an employer’s perspective, these automated solutions mean increased efficiency, safety, and savings. Time and attendance clocks can integrate with scheduling software and automated payroll systems to contain labor costs, eliminate common time theft practices like buddy punching, and maintain safety with tools like voice commands, temperature scans, and face recognition.

Ascentis’ powerful time and attendance hardware can help you with all of your time clock needs.

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