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Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition

In the simplest terms, the talent acquisition process is the way employers hire new employees. In reality, it’s a bit more complex than that. Acquiring talent and locating candidates to fill specialized roles requires an HR department with a wide-ranging array of skill sets and knowledge.

To start with, your talent acquisition team needs to develop a strategy for candidate relationship management. That entails planning out the full journey a potential hire takes through your hiring system, from recruitment marketing to interviewing to onboarding to their long-term outlook with your organization. A successful candidate experience begins building relationships with new talent even before they’ve applied.

For instance, your human resources team needs to consider factors like employer branding. Presenting an accurate picture of your organization ensures that your open positions are being seen by potential candidates who not only have the right skill sets for the job, but who also fit well with your specific company culture.

Setting up an applicant tracking system and a talent pipeline is also key. This involves building a database that sources talent and allows you to keep tabs on selection of qualified candidates, including current and past applicants, with the skills and motivation to fill specific roles as they become available.

Ascentis’ powerful talent management software can help you with all of your talent acquisition needs.

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