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Talent management

Talent management, also referred to as human resources management, is a holistic human capital management system focused on an organization’s overarching employee experience. A talent management strategy allows managers and HR departments to take a broad view of their day to day operations with the goals of improving talent acquisition, employee development, and employee retention.

A strong talent management model might look something like this:

  • Talent acquisition

Attracting talented people in a competitive marketplace requires attention to areas like external communications, employer branding strategies, health care and benefits practices, company culture, and any other factors that can set a business apart.

  • Learning and development

Talent management software that actively assists employees along their career paths with on-the-job training and education programs can improve workers’ long-term prospects with a company and boost overall employee engagement.

  • Employee retention

Keeping vital roles filled with top talent is an ongoing challenge for most companies. Performance management tools that set job expectations and provide consistent feedback can go a long way toward keeping strong employees satisfied in their roles. When workers do leave, succession planning tools can help ensure that those positions are filled by equally capable employees.

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