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Recruiting Software

Recruiting software is an important tool for talent management and acquisition. A strong set of recruiting tools makes it easier for both large enterprises and small businesses to reach qualified candidates, and for job seekers to find employers who match their needs. A few key elements that can help employers streamline their recruiting process include:

  • Hiring and recruitment portal - A dynamic dashboard lets your hiring managers and recruiters customize your HR systems by building online applications, setting up an applicant tracking system, easily parsing resumes, and encouraging employee referrals via a dynamic career site.
  • Social recruiting - Recruitment marketing is now largely an online endeavor. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, socializing job openings helps evangelize an employer’s brand and attract high-quality applicants. Up-to-date recruiting software allows your HR team to share job postings automatically to relevant job boards, career sites, and social media channels.
  • Onboarding - Moving key elements of your onboarding online can have a significant impact on your hiring process, eliminating errors in data entry, processing, and filing paperwork.

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