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Employee onboarding

An effective employee onboarding process involves more than just having an incoming employee complete some new-hire paperwork. A successful onboarding should make a new employee feel at home in an organization’s culture while supplying them with the tools they need to work effectively from their first day on the job.

An effective onboarding checklist might look something like this:

Welcome new hires - You can start making a new hire feel at home even before the official onboarding begins. Have a hiring manager send out a welcome email or offer letter that communicates essential information like start date, payroll data, and required paperwork while also explaining less formal topics, like your company culture and history.

Prepare a workspace - Coming into a new work environment is a stressful situation. Make a new hire’s first day easier by having their space set up with small touches like welcoming gifts, office supplies and personalized business cards. Encourage team members and managers to stop by and introduce themselves.

Documentation and training - Paperwork is no one’s favorite part of the onboarding process, but that doesn’t make it any less necessary. Set aside time for any employee orientation exercises, including reading and signing off on an employee handbook with information on company policies, safety and security, and codes of conduct.

Ongoing check-ins - The onboarding process doesn’t end with a new hire’s first day on the job, or even their first week. Scheduling regular check-ins with relevant managers for at least the first 90 days on the job is an excellent way to boost employee engagement, get valuable feedback, and make your new hire feel like part of the team.

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