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Employee offboarding

The employee offboarding process is a delicate but essential consideration for any human resources department. Just like the process of welcoming and training a new hire with a well laid-out employee onboarding process, having a well-planned system in place when an employee leaves your company can ensure a smooth transition and offboarding workflow for the departing employee, your existing employees, and your management team.

Your offboarding processes can be aided considerably by creating an employee offboarding checklist. That checklist might include:

  • Complete employee exit interview - Getting honest, direct feedback from a departing worker about the reasons behind their departure can go a long way in improving your organization’s policies and HR processes. An exit interview can also help ensure that the employee’s job-specific knowledge transfers to their replacements, helping to maintain a seamless transition.
  • Complete paperwork - There is usually a certain amount of paperwork associated with employee offboarding, including tax documents, non-disclosure agreements, severance agreements and more. Making sure all of these documents are in order can help avoid legal entanglements in the future.
  • Recover company-issued property - Even if a departing employee isn’t considered a security risk, rescinding their clearances and authorizations and collecting company hardware like mobile phones and credit cards can help prevent potential security breaches.

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