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Contingent workforce management

In the era of the so-called gig economy, many businesses find themselves hiring for positions they never would have considered not long ago. Social media managers, diversity consultants, new technology trainers, and other newer positions require skills that may not exist within a company’s current workforce. Add to that the increasing importance of part-time and nontraditional schedules, and independent contractors, freelancers, and other contingent workers are playing a larger and larger role in the workplace.

Managing a workforce that includes both contingent labor and full-time employees can be a tricky balancing act without effective project management. Contingent employment touches multiple areas of your hiring and payroll operations, including finance, risk management, general HR, and procurement.  A well-considered approach to contingent workforce management is essential to meet your workers’ needs and protect your bottom line.

Government regulations in the United States make a clear distinction between full-time and contingent employees, with heavy fines and probations for businesses that misclassify workers. Adding even more complexity, global contingent workforce management is also growing in importance as businesses broaden their talent pools by employing more remote workers from all over the world. Having some form of dedicated contingent workforce management program in place, whether in the form of managed services or WFM software with options for talent management and real-time reports, is crucial for any company employing external talent like contract or freelance workers.

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