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Applicant tracking system (ATS)

An applicant tracking system (ATS) simplifies an employer’s recruitment and hiring process via automation and software solutions. An ATS is something like the human resources equivalent of the customer relationship management (CRM) tools employed by sales teams, but with a focus on job seekers and talent acquisition.

When candidates apply for a job, an ATS automatically uploads their job application and pertinent information — résumé, experience, contact information, etc. — to a database. This provides recruiters and hiring managers with a tracking system that can streamline their recruitment process by more easily matching candidates who fit a job description with the right job openings.

An ATS may also help streamline the application process on the other end. Using recruitment software can simplify a candidate’s job search by allowing them to respond to a job posting by uploading their information directly to job boards and social media websites. This cuts down on the frustration of the application process and gives employers a deeper pool of candidates to choose from.

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