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Online Time Card System

Online Time Card System

Like most business processes in the modern era, employee time tracking functions are moving to the web. An online time clock system that integrates easily with an existing payroll system can change the way organizations manage employee schedules, track employee attendance, organize payroll reports, and much more.

Unlike outdated punch card systems or manual time sheets, with online time clocks your employees can clock in and clock out from any location. That’s a tremendous help in an era of increased remote work and social distancing. Online time clock software also allows workers to check their scheduled working hours, submit paid time off requests, and provide real-time feedback to management using a mobile app.

Up-to-date time and attendance software also eases the workload for your HR team, helping to more easily manage employee hours, reduce time theft, and create accurate reports. Simply put, online time tracking software is a necessary investment for any size business.

Ascentis’ powerful time and attendance software can help you with all of your time tracking needs.

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