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Multigenerational workforce

Multigenerational workforce

In most industries, the modern workforce includes a wide range of older workers, younger workers, and those in between. Americans in general are changing career paths more often and working longer than in older generations, a fact reflected by the new multigenerational workplace. It is not uncommon for teams to include a mix of older employees like Baby Boomers and Gen Xers alongside younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z.

While it’s important not to overgeneralize employees based on their age level, it is also true that each generation has different values and approaches to learning and development. A worker from the Baby Boomer generation, for instance, will likely have a different communication style and ideas on workplace culture and work-life balance than will a worker from the Millennial generation. Being aware of these differences and being prepared to mitigate cross-generational conflicts are crucial considerations for your human resources and performance management teams.

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