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Mobile phone attendance system

Mobile phone attendance system

As the modern workplace trends more toward remote and mobile workforces, time and attendance systems need to keep pace. Even in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and construction where most of the workforce does not have the option of working remotely, there are plenty of employer and employee benefits to making time and attendance options more mobile friendly.

Modern employee time tracking systems often take the form of a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. These time and attendance apps help to empower employees and improve the quality of your time and attendance data by letting workers submit their own real-time information straight from their mobile phones, often using scannable QR codes. Employers can also track mobile workers’ movements using GPS-enabled apps. Knowing each employee’s exact GPS location makes it easier to manage employee attendance, maintain accurate records, enforce workplace safety policies, and keep tabs on the progress of specific projects.

Mobile attendance tracking software that allows employees to submit time cards, change shifts, request paid time off, and more from any location gives workers a stronger sense of control over their work lives. It also makes administrators’ jobs easier by streamlining time management in industries with complex scheduling needs. By giving employees the ability to communicate directly with supervisors and co-workers, an employer can help ensure that shifts do not go uncovered and that each role is being performed by a properly trained and certified worker.

A strong mobile attendance software solution can also help identify areas where more training is needed. If your schedule shows frequent skills gaps on certain shifts or in certain roles, that information can help pinpoint areas where you can use a customizable learning management system to start employee certification and training processes. Your mobile attendance system can even help inform future recruitment and hiring decisions by identifying areas that are chronically understaffed, or where your current employees’ skill sets are lacking. That information can be hugely helpful when looking for qualified new hires.

Simply put, upgrading to an automated time and attendance solution compatible with mobile devices helps your business save time and money, improve customer service, and keep your workforce happier and more productive.

Ascentis’ powerful mobile attendance system can help you with all of your workforce management needs.

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