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SAAS stands for “software as a service.” Most modern human resources management systems (HRMS) are SAAS solutions. While specific HR tasks and processes vary widely between companies, some core HR management software functions include:

  • Benefits administration

Using a software solution to automate the distribution of employee benefits and educate workers about their options saves your business time and money.

  • Employee self-service

Allowing employees to use a dashboard or mobile apps to submit their own time sheets, communicate with supervisors, request paid time off, and other regular processes takes some of the burden off your HR system, empowers your workers, and makes managing employee data easier.

  • Talent management

An HR solution that automates functions such as applicant tracking, recruitment processes, and on-the-job learning eases the workload on a hiring manager. A talent management suite that includes a performance management tool helps evaluate employee performances and generate useful feedback.

  • Payroll processing

Automated HR payroll software helps eliminate common human errors, assure compliance with regulations, and improve the accuracy of employee pay.

Ascentis’ powerful HRIS software can help you with all of your human resources needs.

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