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Mobile workforce management

Mobile workforce management (MWM) solutions are designed to streamline processes for HR staff who deal with employees working remotely or at off-site locations. Managing a mobile workforce requires more flexibility and adaptability than traditional tools can provide. With more and more employees working remotely across the United States, employers should look for mobile workforce management software that provides support for both remote employees and the office workers on your HR team.

Just as the business world has shifted to focus on the online customer experience, human resources teams need to begin focusing on the online employee experience. To put it plainly, the 21st century workforce includes more remote employees than ever before, and those mobile workers require mobile access.

Cloud-based mobile apps allow workers to make real-time adjustments to their upcoming shift schedules, view their paycheck history, submit time-off requests, submit expenses, provide feedback, and more using only their mobile devices. Managers working with mobile employees can use those same tools to manage schedules, receive push notifications, approve employee requests, and much more.

To learn more about mobile apps, visit our blog post "How Can Business Leaders Help Build a Safer Workplace" which highlights the many benefits of mobile apps, including many safety factors.

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