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"SAAS" is one of those acronyms that turns up in a lot of conversations about online services. In an HR and workforce management context, SAAS stands for “software as a service.” Most modern human resources management systems (HRMS) are SAAS solutions. Software as a service generally describes a third-party software solution that can be accessed online by a number of users, including employers, employees, and HR departments alike. SAAS software often features cloud-based storage options that allow broader access across an organization. That can also be a positive from a cybersecurity perspective, since a cloud storage system offers automatic backups in the event of system crashes or malfunctions.

One of the biggest advantages of SAAS HR software compared to more traditional solutions is that the latter often requires users to be onsite and using the local network. SAAS software, on the other hand, generally allows users to access it from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. That makes SAAS HR systems ideal for business with a number of employees doing remote work, as well as industries like healthcare and manufacturing where employees work nontraditional schedules and shifts.

While specific HR tasks and processes vary widely between companies, some core HR management software functions include:

Benefits administration

Using a software solution to automate the distribution of employee benefits saves your business time and money. An SAAS solution with a strong learning management system is also useful to help HR teams educate workers about their options.

Employee self-service

SAAS systems can take some of the burden off your HR system by allowing employees to use a dashboard or mobile apps to submit their own time sheets, communicate with supervisors, request paid time off, and other regular time and attendance processes. Those kinds of employee self-service options also empower your workers and make managing employee data easier.

Talent management

A SAAS HR solution that automates functions such as applicant tracking, recruitment processes, and on-the-job learning eases the workload on a hiring manager. A talent management suite that includes a performance management tool helps evaluate employee performances and generate performance reviews and other useful feedback.

Payroll processing

Automated HR payroll software helps eliminate common human errors, assure compliance with regulations, and improve the accuracy of employee pay. An SAAS software system with self-service options makes it easier for workers to submit and amend payroll information wherever they are.

To learn more about SAAS HR systems, take a look at our blog post "Making a Business Case for Investing in Workforce Management" which highlights the benefits of investing in WFM software.

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