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HR Definition

HR Definition

On this page, you’ll find our comprehensive HR dictionary. This HR dictionary includes a wide range of HR terms used by most companies in the United States today. Browse through to learn more about HR terms and find out something new. Or, if you’re searching for a particular HR term, scroll down until you find it and click on the term for a full definition.

Popular Terms

Time and attendance clock

Employee attendance and time tracking solutions have undergo... See more

Employer identification number (EIN)

An employee identification number (EIN), sometimes called a ... See more

Health Savings Account (HSA)

According to the website, health savings acco... See more

Exempt employee

Exempt workers are categorized as any employees who do not q... See more

Time and attendance system

There's much more to time and attendance tracking than simpl... See more

Federal tax deposit

Withholding taxes from employee wages while filing tax retur... See more

Recent Terms

Employee Assistance Program

Is the modern workplace more stressful than ever before? If ... See more

Employee self-service (ESS)

Empowering your employees has been a hot topic in human reso... See more

Payroll accrual

What is payroll accrual? Payroll accrual is a shorthand ter... See more

Employee development

There is an old but true adage that says a business is only ... See more

Severance pay

All journeys must eventually come to an end, and the employe... See more

Employee Handbook

What Is an Employee Handbook? An employee handbook is a com... See more

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