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Exit interview

Exit interview

An exit interview is a conversation between an organization’s HR department and departing employees about their decision to leave the company. Internal human resources teams or external consultants conduct exit interviews in order to gather honest feedback about an employee’s experience with the organization. (Approaches to who conducts the interviews vary depending on the organization and the employee’s role.) The data collected is then applied toward improving job satisfaction and building a work environment that makes employees feel more empowered.

 When preparing for an exit interview, keep in mind that a disgruntled employee may see it as an opportunity for settling scores. That is part of the reason that a face to face interview is generally most effective. Exit interviews conducted via email are more conducive to venting and burning bridges, neither of which serve the employee or the employer well.

Common exit interview questions to consider include:

  • Why are you leaving the organization?
  • What did you like most and least about your role?
  • Did you feel you were given the right tools to do your job effectively?
  • What was your relationship with your direct supervisor like?
  • What does your new role offer that this role did not?

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