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Employee engagement software

Employee engagement software

Multiple workplace studies have shown that engaged employees equal better employee performance. In an effort to make employees feel more connected to and involved with their company culture, many employers have begun incorporating employee engagement software.

A quality employee engagement platform offers real-time insights into the company-wide employee experience. For a company looking to improve employee engagement, tools and technologies should include:

  • Performance review tools

Studies show that employees appreciate honest reviews of their work. Streamlining the performance review process helps provide both constructive criticism and well-earned employee recognition.

  • Real-time feedback capability

On the flip-side of performance reviews, direct employee feedback provides invaluable guidance for employers and creates an empowering environment for employees. Engagement survey tools help draw an accurate picture of your work culture that might not be visible from the top.

  • Internal communication strategy

Open and earnest employer-employee communications are essential to building an engaging work culture. Amplifying employee voices via communications tools makes workers feel both seen and heard.

Ascentis’ powerful talent management software can help you with all of your employee engagement needs.

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