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Employee absence tracker

Employee absence tracker

Every organization needs to establish a template to track employee attendance records such as vacations, sick leave, and other absences. In the past employee absences were generally tracked via paper time sheets, Excel templates, or other manual-input time tracker templates. In recent years, though, automated employee attendance tracking software solutions have simplified and streamlined those processes considerably.

Keeping software-based attendance records allows employers to not only track employee absences, but also add employee details and manage work shifts, making sure that all shifts are covered even during vacations and time off. Time tracking software with an automated dashboard makes it easy to instantly reference information such as the dates employees started with a company and how much leave they have accumulated since.

To put it bluntly, the days of punching a manual time clock and managing your workforce’s time and attendance records by hand are long gone. Automated time tracking tools not only simplify your day-to-day workforce management processes, they also generate data that can inform all manner of important workplace decisions.

By providing workers with employee self-service options such as a mobile app, your HR team can greatly improve the accuracy and timeliness of your timekeeping efforts. Analyzing data about weekly, monthly, or yearly attendance patterns can help pinpoint areas in need of improvement and aid in future decisions about hiring, recruiting, learning management, and much more. Understanding time and attendance patterns is a key to understanding the way your employees really work, and to giving them the tools they need to work more efficiently and effectively.

Ascentis’ powerful time and attendance software can help you with all of your employee time tracking needs.

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