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Year-End HR Checklist 2021

Year-End HR Checklist 2021

As workplaces moved forward from the disruptions of 2020, employers in labor-driven industries have adopted many new policies and practices while dealing with shifts in technology, ongoing worker shortages, and a renewed focus on health and safety. With an eye on both the past and the future, we’ve pulled together a few key areas employers need to take care of before we head into the uncharted territory of 2022. Those include:

  • Compiling all data required by ACA regulations
  • Sending open enrollment data to carriers
  • Auditing compliance with pay equity laws and other regulations
  • And more!

Check out the Ascentis Year-End HR Checklist for 2021 to take stock of these and other key considerations your workforce management team needs to make as you push ahead into another year.

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