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What You Need to Know About HR Data Security

What You Need to Know About HR Data Security

Protect Your Organization from Outside Threats

When it comes to data security, many businesses tend to think of things like firewalls and email spam blocking software to protect their sensitive data. Yet employee error is to blame for most data security breaches.

A recent study by Egress Software Technologies, revealed that human error accounted for nearly 67% of security compromises. Another study from information security company PhishMe exposed a 789% increase in email phishing attacks containing malicious code, including ransom-ware, in the first quarter of 2016 over the final quarter of 2015.

While no organization deliberately sets out to become another data breach statistic, some organizations still may not understand the critical need for cyber security protection as it relates to employee data.

After reading this free eBook, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • Which sources of breach are the greatest threats to HR data security
  • The latest trends toward advanced technological solutions for managing employee data
  • What are the three best practices should you immediately apply upon experiencing a data breach
  • Which states have breach notification regulations

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