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The Top 5 Most Overlooked Areas of Payroll Compliance

The Top Five Most Overlooked Areas of Payroll Compliance

There’s so much more to payroll than paying your employees. Payroll is a complicated business process that is covered by federal, state and local legislation, and as a result is a complicated web of regulations.

But that’s not all. From making certain that employees are properly paid, to fringe benefits and proper overtime classifications, and even maintaining FLSA, FMLA and IRS records, payroll is regulated at every step. 

In this eBook you’ll receive guidance on the top five most often overlooked areas of payroll compliance, which are:

  • Fringe benefits taxation
  • Employee misclassification
  • Paying outside of payroll’s purview
  • Properly calculating overtime
  • Maintenance of employee records

Download the eBook today, and stay on top of the regulatory compliance that might be overlooked in your organization.

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