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Infographic: Why Track Time and Attendance?

Infographic: Why Track Time and Attendance?

Why Automate Your Time and Attendance Tracking?

From preventing loss to improving efficiency to increasing profits, your time and attendance system touches nearly every aspect of your organization. That’s why integrating new time and attendance tools into your system can have a major financial benefit for your business. To underline that point, we’ve compiled some eye-opening facts and figures related to time and attendance operations. For instance:

  • Time theft costs U.S. companies $11 billion per year
  • 50% of employees admit to some manner of time theft
  • Automating timekeeping can reduce errors by up to 44%

Download our “Why Track Time and Attendance?” infographic today to get more vital statistics, and to see the many ways automating your timekeeping with Ascentis can build a more efficient and profitable work environment

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