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Case Study: West Central Wireless

Company Description

West Central Wireless provides cellular and internet services to 26 Texas counties as well as nationwide coverage.

Business Need

Stacie Cox, HR manager for West Central Wireless, used paper-based, manual processes to manage their HR data. Benefit information was stored in multiple places, and employees’ information was stored redundantly in both the personnel and insurance files.

West Central Wireless also lacked an applicant tracking system, so the entire hiring and onboarding process was also managed manually. The need to gain efficiencies and ensure accuracy drove their desire to invest in a high-quality, human capital management system.

Main Concerns

  • Inordinate amounts of time spent looking through manual filing systems to find critical employee information
  • No centralized, accurate warehouse for maintaining employee and benefits information
  • Employees had no way to easily compare benefits plans, and select the right one for them based on all available criteria and options

Desired Requirements

  • Easy-to-use and system that tracked critical information, especially employee data, benefits, and compensation
  • Ability to edit and manage all benefits information in one location
  • Ability to easily extract employee information from the system, for many departments
  • Support for advanced recruiting processes, and the ability to have all recruiting and onboarding information in one place

Why Ascentis

  • An easy-to-use and maintain system that simplifies complex employee data management tasks
  • An implementation process that ensured everything needed was complete and correct
  • Enthusiastic support and implementation staff
  • Powerful applicant tracking and onboarding


  • Employee and benefits information is comprehensively stored, including benefits start dates, job information and pay changes
  • The Ascentis benefits engine ensures employees’ benefits start on the correct date
  • New hire data seamlessly flows from Recruiting to HRIS and eliminates the need for error-prone dual-entry
  • Accurate benefits tracking has eliminated accounting and payroll errors
  • Self-Service ensures data accuracy by allowing employees to maintain their information
  • Employee communication, especially about policy or privacy notifications, is easily distributed to all employees
  • Employees can view their enrollment information and compare various plans
  • Client: Stacie Cox
  • Company: West Central Wireless
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Products: HR and Self-Service and Ascentis Recruiting