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Case Study: Mona Electric Group, Inc.

Company Description

Mona Electric Group, Inc. (Mona Electric) is one of the largest and most diversified electrical organizations in the Washington DC. With a legendary two-hour or less response time for emergency service, Mona sets industry standards.

Business Need

Mona Electric’s Chief Information Officer, Ron Warren, knew that his company had reached a point in which Microsoft Excel and Access were no longer sufficient for proper HR and benefits management. Compliance data was located in various locations making it difficult to maintain accuracy.

Mona Electric needed an automated and payroll-integrated HR system. With substantial insight into Solomon’s “Advanced Payroll” system, Warren began researching human resources information systems (HRIS) that would integrate with Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Main Concerns

  • Current software programs no longer sufficient for HR and benefits management
  • Compliance data kept in various locations making it difficult to maintain accuracy
  • Time spent compiling and creating HR reports

Desired Requirements

  • HR system to successfully manage HR and benefits
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • Ability to easily track employee information and generate reports
  • Ease-of-use

Why Ascentis

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL at one-eighth the price of competitors
  • Easy deployment and implementation of software
  • Knowledgeable implementation and customer support team


  • Saved Mona Electric one full-time employee and 15 hours a week since implementation
  • Reduced reporting time from a few days to less than one minute
  • Seamless integration between payroll and HR resulted in better data tracking to comply with strict union regulations
  • Easily run OSHA 300 reports to ensure jobsite compliance
  • 100% more satisfied with automated HR processes and benefits management
  • Employees can get immediate and accurate answers
  • Reduced paper-based errors including missed benefits enrollments

“If not for Ascentis HR, we would need two additional employees in HR and one additional person in Payroll and Accounting per month.”
-Ron Warren, CIO, Mona Electric

  • Client: Ron Warren
  • Company: Mona Electric Group, Inc.
  • Industry: Utilities
  • Products: Ascentis HR