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Case Study: Ghirardelli

Company Description

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is a manufacturer and marketer of premium chocolate products. Ghirardelli is one of the few companies in America that controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process, from cocoa bean to finished product.

Business Need

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is the longest continuously operating chocolate manufacturer in the United States. With more than 900 employees working in retail, operations, manufacturing and management, Ghirardelli needed a robust payroll solution that could effectively manage a large database of employee information.

The Ghirardelli payroll department was spending a lot of administrative time printing and mailing pay stubs, making changes to employee profiles, and updating direct deposit information. Ghirardelli needed a system that could improve efficiency and save time for the payroll department.

Main Concerns

  • Current payroll solution was unintuitive and difficult to navigate
  • Lack of customer support and system training
  • Administrative time spent on manual processes and paperwork
  • Busy work generated for payroll department updating employee profile information

Desired Requirements

  • Simple and easy-to-implement employee self-service system
  • Automate and streamline payroll processes to increase efficiency
  • Dedicated customer support and training
  • Configurable, flexible system to meet unique business needs

Why Ascentis

  • Most powerful capability is the Ascentis Payroll ability to test new updates or integrations before launching major systematic changes
  • Provide dedicated and responsive support representative who understands Ghirardelli’s unique system needs and requirements
  • Payroll functionality that enables people to see exactly where they are in the payroll cycle
  • Willingness to send service representatives to offices to train on-site


  • High adoption levels of self-service program reduces work for payroll administrators
  • No longer needed to print and mail paystubs
  • Aligns with Ghirardelli’s commitment to be as “green” as possible
  • Automated payroll system saves the department several hours a week
  • Intuitive system allows administrators to accomplish work quickly and accurately
  • Responsive customer service team listens to requests and configures systems to business needs

“Ascentis is there for us when we need it. That kind of support is really what sets Ascentis apart from the other payroll companies I’ve worked with.”
-Renee Primer, Payroll Manager, Ghirardelli

  • Client: Renee Primer
  • Company: Ghirardelli
  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Products: Ascentis Payroll, Self-Service and Tax Filing Services