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Case Study: GAT Airline Ground Support

Company Description

GAT Airline Ground Support is a woman-owned business providing quality aviation services for more than 40 years. GAT offers services including aircraft and baggage handling, ticketing, wheelchair services, GSE maintenance and more.

Business Need

GAT employs approximately 1,400 employees spanning 36 locations in 14 different states.

The airline industry’s strict requirements on background checks and GAT’s large employee base constantly flooded the human resources and payroll department with paperwork. It was important for GAT to find a solution that would streamline manual processes, alleviate dual-entry, reduce input errors and be user-friendly.

Main Concerns

  • Labor-intensive manual processes were required for managing employee information from multiple locations
  • Manual input of data sourced from mail and faxes was time-consuming and error-prone
  • Lack of quality candidates for job postings
  • Prior HR and payroll systems were not integrated, making simple informational changes cumbersome

Desired Requirements

  • Seamless integration between HR and payroll systems to reduce manual data input
  • A system that offered advanced enterprise features the company could grow into as its needs and scope changed
  • User-friendly and intuitive

Why Ascentis

  • A single full suite system for HR, payroll, time, recruiting and employee self-service provides a seamless flow of employee information
  • Extraordinary customer support, including a designated support representative
  • Online applicant tracking system that captures applicant data and monitors their progress in the hiring process
  • Intuitive system with robust reporting of employee data


  • Data seamlessly flows from HR to payroll and eliminates need for dual-entry
  • Streamlined processes saved labor hours and resources in HR and payroll departments
  • Electronic time capturing greatly reduced the time required to manage time sheets
  • Increased quantity and quality of job applicants
  • Ascentis Self-Service reduced HR and payroll labor hours by keeping data changes, vacation requests, and W-2 forms in the hands of employees
  • Reduced time punch and pay errors with electronic time capturing
  • Managers can see shifts in real-time and proactively manage employees hours

“Ascentis has streamlined our processes, reduced data-entry errors, and brought in high quality candidates. It is the best thing since sliced bread.”
-Kimberley Doerner, Executive Director of Human Services

  • Client: Kimberley Doerner
  • Company: GAT Airline Ground Support
  • Industry: Transportation
  • Products: HR, Payroll, Recruiting, Time and Self-Service