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Case Study: Community of Christ

Company Description

Community of Christ is a worldwide religious, non-profit organization with approximately 600 employees. Their mission is to improve every individual’s life by ministering and providing care and kindness.

Business Need

With a growing number of international church memberships and volunteer groups, the Community of Christ was struggling to keep employee information current and consistent throughout the entire organization.

Keeping data in various spreadsheets made looking up employee information was extremely cumbersome and difficult to access. The human resources department found themselves constantly checking and rechecking various sources to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Main Concerns

  • Struggling to keep employee information current and consistent
  • Time spent checking and rechecking various sources for accuracy
  • Difficulty sharing contact information, demographics or other necessary information with supervisors

Desired Requirements

  • Single database to house all HR related information
  • Automate HR processes to improve management of employee compensation and benefits
  • Ability to manage unique non-profit information such as funding for contracts, fleet information, and years of service for ministerial and volunteer departments

Why Ascentis

  • Flexible and customizable
  • Pricing fit well within budget
  • Easy-to-use to accommodate employees of all computer skills levels
  • Fast and easy software implementation


  • Employee Self-Service collects open enrollment information from employees immediately
  • Employees can update their own personal and dependent information
  • Easy data collection and new-hire reporting reduces number of calls to HR department
  • Automated programs freed up staff to focus on Community of Christ’s core mission to promote joy, hope, love and peace
  • Decreased HR staff by 22% since implementation of Ascentis HR and Employee Self-Service

“Ascentis HR has allowed us to better fulfill our organization’s core mission to promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace.”
-Kathy Marek, Administrative Coordinator, Community of Christ

  • Client: Kathy Marek
  • Company: Community of Christ
  • Industry: Social Services
  • Products: HR and Self-Service