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Case Study: YMCA of Ridgewood

Company Description

The Ridgewood YMCA, based out of Ridgewood Jersey, offers programs and community connections that positively impact lives through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, building spirit, mind and body for all. The Ridgewood YMCA is a nonprofit charitable organization that serves youth, adults, and families founded on Christian principles and committed to strengthening our Northern New Jersey and Camp Bernie communities since 1902, as part of a worldwide YMCA.

Business Need

A combination of manual processes and outdated software was making it difficult for staff to complete routine tasks like managing payroll and even clocking in and out. Ridgewood YMCA CEO Chuck Benigno was in need of new, more efficient workforce management software to streamline those functions.

Main Concerns

  • Accounting processes were managed using different software than payroll and time and attendance, leading to confusion, duplicated entries, and excessive manual work.
  • Previous provider wanted YMCA Ridgewood to lock into a long-term contract despite uncertainty about the organization’s future plans due to the pandemic.
  • Controller was spending two or three days processing payroll every week

Desired Requirements

  • Integrate accounting, payroll, and time and attendance functions
  • Reduce time spent by payroll staff on day-to-day processes
  • Eliminate duplicate paperwork
  • Use data analytics to more accurately forecast program costs

Why Ascentis?

  • Ascentis was recommended through our partnership with NetSuite
  • Ascentis demo proved to CEO Chuck Benigno that the system could handle Ridgewood YMCA’s more complex time management needs
  • Ascentis implementation team was supportive, managed the project well, and used their resources to coordinate the integration with NetSuite
  • The integration between NetSuite accounting and payroll and Ascentis Time was a differentiator


  • “People” costs are 40-50% of the overall costs for YMCA Ridgewood. Having a solution that could manage this expense in an accurate, efficient manner with easy-to-use and intuitive technology was a game changer.
  • “The fact that I have my Controller only tied up for less than a day versus, in the old world, two to three days is huge for me. Without a doubt, we’ve picked up a tremendous amount of efficiencies with the technology.”
  • “It’s two-fold savings, in that we have our cost savings, and the technologies are superior. We didn’t take one step back, we took three steps forward on all systems that we implemented.”
  • “I’ve had many different payroll companies and their respective timekeeping partners. Whether it’s owned by the payroll company or a third-party partnership, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen something as seamless and powerful as I’m seeing [with NetSuite and Ascentis].”
  • “My payroll workload is probably cut by 75%. I went from two full days with doors closed, to this pay period where I was done by one o’clock that day. It took me a handful of hours from start to finish for payroll. So amazing. It’s just more accurate.”
  • Client: Chuck Benigno
  • Company: YMCA of Ridgewood
  • Industry: Health and Physical Fitness
  • Products: Payroll and Time