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Case Study: The Arc of Crawford County

Company Description

The Arc of Crawford County is a Pennsylvania-based organization which employs around 450 staffers providing services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their services include everything from assistance with daily living skills to money management to a round-the-clock residential program.

Business Need

The Arc employs workers across a range of services, many of them in the field and outside of regular business hours. They needed a payroll and time and attendance system with enough customization options to manage all of those variable schedules and free up valuable time for their human resources staff

Main Concerns

  • Effective time tracking, leave management, and scheduling were all made difficult by the wide-ranging nature of The Arc’s workforce and industry
  • Hiring and recruitment was paper-based and time-consuming
  • Compliance efforts were complicated by the complex nature of The Arc’s workforce

Desired Requirements

  • Managing payroll and time and attendance functions for a constantly fluctuating workforce of part-time and full-time employees working in a variety of remote locations
  • More efficient tracking of paid time-off and leave requests
  • Transitioning their hiring and recruitment processes from paper to an automated solution
  • Customizable tools that make compliance easier to track and manage

Why Ascentis?

  • Customizable time and attendance and payroll functions that can automate complicated and time-consuming processes
  • Automated recruitment and hiring tools that allow a transition away from paper
  • Customizable tabs allow easier management of compliance with rules and regulations
  • Dashboard widgets let employees have more control over benefits, leave requests, and other self-service options

Outcome (through quotes)

  • “The reports that come out of Ascentis HR save me a massive amount of time. I can pull any sort of employee information into a report and then manipulate all that data using Excel. It just makes everything easier in terms of giving people bonuses or raises.”
  • “Now the onboarding process is electronic and everything’s at our fingertips. It’s just a few clicks away to retrieve any of that data. I would say the new onboarding process now has saved us approximately 30 minutes per employee/applicant.”
  • “We can create a tab for whether or not they’ve had a criminal background check, a physical, a drug screening, etc. We can create a tab for driving information to make sure they have updated license, registration, and insurance. If they don’t, we can easily check if we have a position where driving isn’t a requirement.”
  • “The benefits compliance system helps ensure that we are making all the necessary documents related to benefits available to our employees. That way, we know that everybody employed is getting the necessary information.
  • Client: Erin Lindsay-Means
  • Company: The Arc of Crawford County
  • Industry: Long-term Care
  • Products: Payroll, Time, Recruiting and Talent Management