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Case Study: Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants

Company Description

Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants (IIMC) is a 240-employee healthcare business based in Greenwood, Indiana

Business Need

IIMC wanted a workforce management system that could help enhance their payroll functions to improve accuracy and reduce the time spent on day-to-day processes. They also sought to reduce turnover and improve employee retention rates, both consistent struggles for employers in the healthcare industry.

Main Concerns

  • Processing payroll often took two to three days and produced too many errors
  • High rates of employee turnover made hiring and staffing a challenge
  • ACA reporting via a third-party vendor was a time-consuming and complicated process

Desired Requirements

  • Improved applicant tracking, recruitment, and onboarding processes to help bring down turnover rates
  • Reduce payroll processing time while improving accuracy
  • Streamline ACA reporting process while eliminating errors

Why Ascentis?

  • Customizable recruitment tools made it easier to locate candidates who meet IIMC’s specific requirements
  • Automated payroll processing functions integrated easily with other workforce management tools
  • Automated compliance functions were ideal for cutting down on human error and simplifying reporting

Outcome (through quotes)

  • “When we went live with Ascentis we rolled out the applicant tracking system, including the onboarding module. We saw a dramatic increase in employee retention from 2019 to 2020.”
  • “Giving managers the ability to look at candidate information and communicate directly from the platform saves us a lot of time. During orientation, the time saved provides more opportunity to discuss our culture, vision and the mission, versus sitting and spending an hour on filling out HR documents.”
  • “Ascentis has ACA reporting set up and ready to go as a plug-and-fill solution. That’s saved us a lot of time and gives us confidence that it’s built out in the way that’s expected.”
  • “On the old platform it may have taken me two or three days to get everything processed and submitted. Today I can process all of the payroll within an afternoon, including all three of our directories. There’s a lot more time in my bucket to spend on other avenues in HR.”
  • “We have complete access to customize our recruiting and make it work for specifically what we’re looking for. Say we’re looking for a medical assistant with a specific skill set in infectious disease — we can customize it and focus on that.”
  • Client: Jeff Fortner
  • Company: Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Products: Payroll